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Fabric#Acid Wash Denim SS24

Content: 100% Cotton

Origin: Japan

Weight: 13 OZ

Our selvedge denim has been an anchor of the core collection since Noah’s earliest days, sourced from Japan and expertly constructed in the US. This season we’ve flipped our classic, pleated style by starting with a deep, ink-black jean and treating it with a wash process that uses an enzyme to selectively strip that black away. With a softness to its face that remains sturdy, it’s a deep, admiring nod to a staple of 1980s fashion, every pair of jeans uniquely their own.

Noah - Denim Core Logo Tote Noah - Denim Core Logo Tote - Detail
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Denim Core Logo Tote

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Noah - Acid Wash Pleated Jeans Noah - Acid Wash Pleated Jeans - Detail
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Acid Wash Pleated Jeans

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