Evan Wasser - Cover

Evan Wasser

Introducing Evan Wasser

The most memorable skaters, whose footage people rewatch and share and continue talking about years later, are the ones who find ways to distinguish themselves from the crowd. As the crowd has grown and skateboarding has accelerated, standing out has become nearly impossible. Talent alone won’t do it. Gimmicks won’t either. Being remembered takes an alchemy of skill and style and vision, a playful spirit blended with a hunger for risk. It takes a respect for history that stops short of deference, finding inspiration from the bicoastal lineage of street skating while moving fluidly through pools and blasting hefty airs out of transition. Add to these a palpable sense of whimsy and an uncanny ability to keep the board underfoot even as speed and gravity and chunked-out spots want to rip it away, and you’ve got a special skater indeed. We are thrilled to announce the addition of one such individual into the growing Noah skate family. Welcome, Evan Wasser.

Video by Aidan Olmstead. Photos by Elias Parise.